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Flippin' Skaters

They say it’s best to be yourself. Debatable.

Sixteen-year-old Aspen’s unruly red hair is the only thing wild about her, and she’s regularly overshadowed by both her roller-derby-star sister, and her cheer-captain bestie. But the spotlight hits her hard when questionable pictures show up online, leading to a string of vicious rumors that get her kicked off the cheerleading squad and abandoned by her friends.

Aspen copes by crafting a secret skating persona—complete with a mask—and straps on some roller skates: outriding rumors, making new friends, and falling on her butt (a lot) while learning roller-skating gymnastics. After a local skate-off takes her viral again, resulting in a sponsorship, sudden YouTube success, and a skateboarder boyfriend, she considers ditching the mask. But skating is her escape and the bullies still prowl—she can’t risk the fragile peace she’s found, even though her double-life is slowly ripping her heart in two.

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A good set of wheels can bring anyone together--but can they fix a person split in two?

Aspen is #trending. (And not the good kind). When she heads to the skate park to escape, she finds a whole lot more than some territorial skateboarders and an unforgiving slab of concrete. The ramps have a way of revealing the truth, whether you're ready for it or not, and finding herself might be her biggest challenge yet.


"This book has all the elements of a great read: mystery, romance, adventure, comedy, exploration of important themes, and more." 

--Amazon Customer

"Surprising and enjoyable from start to finish!"

--S Porter

"The skating and characters were so fun and unique! I can't wait to see more from this author." 

--Amazon Customer

"A delightful young adult novel that tackles so many big issues, with characters who feel real and also larger-than-life."

--A Wilson

"I have read all of Teresa Richards’ novels and this one might be my favorite!" 


"I binge read this in one day. I really loved the themes it explores, and it has a nice whodunnit element.

--C Jewkes

"This is a fantastic book. There are so many life lessons, but they are so well written in they don't preach or hit you in the face.." 

--Tammy A

"The plot twisted and turned and the message of this book is so timely."


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